Break Polyline

Click the Features | Edit Polylines | Break Polyline command or right-click a polyline and click Break Polyline to break the selected polyline or spline polyline into multiple polylines. The cursor changes to to indicate break mode. Click on the polyline or spline polyline in the location where the line should be broken. For the command to be available, a single polyline or spline polyline must be selected. Spline polylines are converted to regular polylines after being broken apart.


The new polylines retain the line properties from the original polyline. If the object name has not been changed from the default Polyline or Spline Polyline, the new objects are named Polyline. If the object name had been altered, the custom object name from the original polyline is retained for both new polylines.


Note about Base Maps

If objects should be edited in a base map, click on the object in the Base layer to select it. Click the Features | Group | Start Editing command to enter editing mode. Then, click the Features | Edit Polylines | Break Polyline command.  Click on the polyline and two polylines are created. Click the Features | Group | Stop Editing to end object editing mode in the base map.



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