Surfer's default settings and advanced options are customized by clicking the File | Options command. By adjusting the settings in the Options dialog, you can customize Surfer to suit your individual preferences and work habits. The settings are automatically saved and restored whenever Surfer is restarted. Changes made in the Options dialog affect all subsequent documents.


The Options dialog contains the following pages:



Set the basic window features such as file open/save paths, significant digits, and undo levels.


Allow Surfer to automatically check for updates.

User Interface

Set the interface and tab style, help in the Properties window, and the startup splash screen.


Set the selection handle size and tolerance size for selecting objects.


Set antialiasing properties.


Controls printer page size settings.

Rulers and Grid

Control the display of the rulers and grid.

Default Properties

Set line, fill, symbol, font, and label format default attributes.



Advanced default options are available for most menu commands by clicking the File | Defaults command.


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