Click the Grid Editor | Tools | Eyedropper command to pull grid Z values by clicking in the grid. The cursor changes to an eyedropper when the Eyedropper command is clicked. The Grid Editor | Tools | Eyedropper command button is highlighted in yellow to indicate eyedropper tool mode.


Click on the grid with the eyedropper to place the nearest grid node's Z value in the Z value box.


Press ESC or click another Grid Editor | Tools command to end Eyedropper mode.


Z Value Box

The Z value box in the tool options bar at the top of the grid editor window displays the Z value from the nearest grid node when you click the grid.


Eyedropper and Select Tool

After pressing ESC or clicking the Grid Editor | Tools | Select command, the grid node nearest your most recent click is made the active grid node.


Eyedropper and Brush Tool

You can use the Eyedropper tool to set the Z value box value for the Brush tool with two different methods:



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