Adding a Color Relief Layer - Tutorial

Map layers allow you to add multiple maps to an existing map to create one map object displaying a variety of map types. The map uses a single set of axes and the map layers are positioned according to the target coordinate system. For example, if you have a contour map of weather data, you can add a post map layer displaying the location and station names of each data collection station.


Multiple map layers can be created at one time when using the Map Wizard. However, map layers can also be added to an existing map by selecting the map and using the Home | Add to Map | Layer command, by dragging an existing map layer from one map object to another, or by selecting all maps and using the Map Tools | Map Tools | Overlay Maps command. Now we will add a color relief layer to the map:

  1. Click on the Map object in the Contents window, or click on the map in the plot window, to select it.

  2. Click the Home | Add to Map | Layer | Color Relief command. The Open Grid dialog is displayed.

  3. Navigate to the Tutorial.grd file you created in Select Gridding Parameters and select it.

  4. Click Open to add the color relief layer to the map.


Now a color relief layer is also displayed in the map.


The color relief layer is added to the map and uses the default display properties. In Lesson 3, we will edit the appearance of the map by changing the color relief, contour, and post layer properties.



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