Changing the Tick Label Properties - Tutorial

All properties of the axis can be edited, including the tick label format and frequency. We will change both format and frequency in this example:

  1. In the Properties window, click on the Scaling tab to display the axis scaling options.

  2. In the Major interval field, highlight the value 1 and type the value 1.5.

  3. Press ENTER on the keyboard to place 1.5 X map units between tick marks. This spacing automatically updates on the map axis.

  4. Click on the Labels tab in the Properties window.

  5. Click the next to Labels, if it is not already open.

  6. Click the next to Label Format to open the Label Format section.

  7. In the Label Format section, select Fixed for the Type.

  8. Click in the box next to Decimal digits. Highlight the existing value and type the value 1.

  9. Press ENTER on the keyboard. This indicates that only one digit follows the decimal point for the axis tick labels.


The map is updated immediately after every change, showing the axis tick spacing, labels, and the axis title.


You can use the axis properties to change the tick mark and axis title properties.


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