Lesson 3 - Changing Layer Properties

The map's appearance is mainly determined by the properties of the map layers. This lesson will demonstrate a few of the common properties for controlling the display of contour, post, and color relief layers. However, each map type has many properties and display options. A description and explanation is included for every property in the help.


This color relief layer uses the Rainbow colormap.


We will begin by changing the color relief layer's colors:

  1. Click the Color Relief-Tutorial.grd layer in the Contents window to select it. When multiple layers are overlaid in a single map, it is often easier to select the desired layer in the Contents window. When the color relief layer is selected, the color relief layer properties are displayed in the Properties window.

  2. Click the General tab in the Properties window to display the General page.

  3. If necessary, click the button next to General to expand the General section.

  4. The Colors property determines the colormap used in the color relief map. The default colormap is Terrain. Click Terrain and select Rainbow from the Colors list.


Now the color relief layer is using the Rainbow colormap. You can click the next to the Colors property to customize the colormap in the Colormap Editor.



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