Lesson 5 - Creating a Profile

The ability to slice a grid file in Surfer to create a file of data points along a specified line of section is a very powerful tool. The sliced data can be visually displayed as a profile in Surfer, or multiple profiles can be combined to display a cross section. However, if being able to quickly see the profile on the map and on a graph is the desire, the Map Tools | Add to Map | Profile command provides an excellent quick method. The profile line will be drawn directly on the map:

  1. Click once on the Contours-Tutorial.grd contour layer to select it.

  2. Click the Map Tools | Add to Map | Profile command. The cursor changes to a to indicate that you are in the drawing mode.

  3. Click inside the contour map near the (0,4) and (9,4) coordinate locations. The exact coordinates of the cursor are displayed in the status bar for reference.

  4. After the second point has been clicked, a line connects the points. Press ENTER on the keyboard to end drawing mode.

  5. Click the View | Zoom | Fit to Window command to see the entire map and profile.

The base map layer is automatically added to the contour map and the profile graph is automatically created.  The properties can be edited by clicking on the Profile 1 object in the Contents window and adjusting the properties in the Properties window.


The location of the profile is displayed on the map.
The actual profile is displayed in a graph below the contour map..



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