Adding a Map Title - Tutorial

Adding a title to a map is a great way to stay organized and create publication quality maps.

  1. Click once on the Top Axis in the Contents window to select it.

  2. In the Properties window, click on the General tab.

  3. Click the next to Title, if the section is not already open.

  4. In the box next to Title text, click the button to open the Text Editor. The Text Editor provides more control over the text appearance than the Properties window.

  5. Type Tutorial Map and press the ENTER key on the keyboard.

  6. On the second line, we will use a dynamic predefined math text instruction to insert the current date. Click the button.

  7. In the Date/Time Format Builder dialog, select the desired date/time format in the Predefined date/time formats list. For instance, select dd-MMM-yy.

  8. Click Insert next to the selected date/time format in the Predefined date/time formats list. Notice the format in the Date/Time format field updates to the selected format.

  9. Click OK in the Date/Time Format Builder dialog. Today's date is added to the Text Editor.

  10. Select the date in the Text Editor by double-clicking the date or by clicking and dragging across the date.

  11. Click the button to make the highlighted text bold.

  12. Select the Tutorial Map text.

  13. Change the Size (points) to 14. The size is located immediately to the right of the font name.

  14. Click the center justification button to center the text.

  15. Click OK to close the Text Editor.


The map is automatically updated with the new map title. Save the project if you wish. We will open a new plot window in the next lesson.


This map contains a semi-transparent contour layer on top of a base layer. A color scale and title were added to the map.



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