Adding Transparency to Map Layers - Tutorial

You can adjust the Opacity value of a map layer or of individual contour fill, polygon fill, text, lines, or symbols when the appropriate object is selected. Adjusting the Opacity for an entire layer may be useful when you have multiple map layers and need to make one or more layers semi-transparent to best represent your data. For this example, we will adjust the opacity for the contour fill while keeping the contour lines and labels completely opaque.

  1. Click on the Contours-Golden.grd layer in the Contents window to select it.

  2. In the Properties window, click on the Levels tab.

  3. Click the button next to Fill colors. The Colormap Editor opens.

  4. In the Color Mapping section, click the current selection in the Presets list and select Terrain.

  5. In the Opacity Mapping section, click highlight the current 100.00% value next to the Opacity option and type 30.

  6. Click OK in the Colormap Editor. The Terrain colormap and 30% opacity setting is applied to the contour layer's Fill colors. Notice Custom is displayed in the Fill colors field.


The contour map is displayed with a partially transparent fill color.



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