Creating a New Data File - Tutorial

The Surfer worksheet can also be used to create a new data file. To open a worksheet window and begin entering data:

  1. Click the File | New | Worksheet command, click the on the quick access toolbar, or press CTRL+W on the keyboard. A new empty worksheet window is displayed.

  2. Data is entered into the active cell. The active cell is selected by clicking on the cell or by using the arrow keys to move between cells. The active cell is indicated by a heavy border and the contents of the active cell are displayed in the active cell edit box. The active cell location box shows the location of the active cell in the worksheet. Letters are the column labels and numbers are the row labels.

  3. When a cell is active, enter a value or text, and the information is displayed in both the active cell and the active cell edit box.

  4. The BACKSPACE and DELETE keys can be used to edit data as you type.

  5. To preserve the typed data in the active cell, move to a new cell. Move to a new cell by clicking a new cell with the pointer, pressing one of the arrow keys, or pressing ENTER. Press the ESC key to cancel without entering the data.


 Data are entered into the active cell of the worksheet. Click on the text "A1" or "Active Cell" for the definition of the active cell, active cell location, and the active cell edit box. 


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