Exporting 3D Contours - Tutorial

When you have completed a contour map in the plot window, you can export the contour lines with associated Z values to an AutoCAD DXF, 2D SHP, 3D SHP, or TXT file. To export contour lines to a DXF, 2D or 3D SHP, or TXT file:

  1. Select the contour map layer by clicking Contours-Tutorial.grd in the Contents window.

  2. Click the Map Tools | Layer Tools | Export Contours command.

  3. In the Save As dialog, type Tutorial contours in the File name box.

  4. Select AutoCAD DXF File (*.dxf), 2D Esri Shapefile (*.shp), 3D Esri Shapefile (*.shp), or Text format (*.txt) in the Save as type list.

  5. Click Save and the file is exported to the current directory. This creates a file titled Tutorial contours.dxf, Tutorial contours.shp, or Tutorial contours.txt depending on what file type you selected. Additional files may also be created that accompany the DXF or SHP file.

The contours are exported as polylines or polygons. The labels and gaps are removed. The exported file can be used in Surfer as a base map, or used in other applications. The File | Export command can also be used to export 2D or 3D contours. A comparison between the Export Contours and Export commands is available on the Export Contours help topic.


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