Lesson 1 - Viewing and Creating Data

An XYZ data file is a file containing at least three columns of data values. The first two columns are the X and Y coordinates for the data points. The third column is the Z value assigned to the XY point. Although it is not required, entering the X coordinate in column A, the Y coordinate in column B, and the Z value in column C is a good idea. Surfer looks for these coordinates in these columns by default. You can customize the default columns for XYZ data with the Assign XYZ Columns worksheet command. Surfer requires the use of decimal degree Latitude (Y) and Longitude (X) values when using Latitude and Longitude values.


A simple XYZ data file. Notice that the X, Y, and Z data are placed in columns A, B, and C, respectively.


Lesson 1 Contents

Creating a New Data File

Opening an Existing Data File

Adding New Data

Saving the Data File



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