Lesson 4 - Modifying an Axis

Every map is created with four map axes: the bottom, right, top, and left axes. 3D maps also have an additional Z axis. You can control the display of each axis independently of the other axes on the map. Additional left, right, top, bottom, or Z axes can be added to a map with the Map Tools | Add to Map | Axis commands. In this example, we will change the axis label spacing and add an axis title:

  1. Move the cursor over one of the axis tick labels on the bottom X axis and left-click the mouse. In the status bar at the bottom of the plot window, the words "Map: Bottom Axis" are displayed. The Bottom Axis object is selected in the Contents window. This indicates that you have selected the bottom axis of the map. Additionally, blue circle handles appear at each end of the axis, and green square handles appear surrounding the entire map. This indicates that the axis is a "sub-object" of the entire map.

  2. The bottom axis properties are displayed in the Properties window. Click on the General tab.

  3. Click the next to Title to open the Title section if it is not already open.

  4. Click in the box next to Title text. Type Bottom Axis and press the ENTER key on the keyboard. This places a title on the selected axis. Alternatively, click the button. Type the text in the Text Editor and click OK.

  5. If you cannot see the axis title, click the View | Zoom | Selected command. The map automatically increases its size to fill the plot window.


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