Lesson 6 - Saving a Map

When you have completed the map in the plot window, you can save the map to a Surfer .SRF file. Surfer .SRF files contain all the information necessary to reproduce the project. When you save a map as a .SRF file, all the scaling, formatting, and map properties are preserved in the file. An asterisk (*) next to the file name in the title bar and tab indicates the file has been modified and the modifications have not yet been saved.

  1. Click the File | Save command or click the button on the quick access toolbar. The Save As dialog is displayed because the map has not been previously saved. Set the Save in directory to any directory on your computer.

  2. In the File name box, type Tutorial.

  3. Make sure that the Save as type is set to Surfer 16 Document (*.srf).

  4. Click Save and the file is saved to the current directory with a .SRF extension. The saved map remains open and the title bar changes to reflect the name change. There is no longer an asterisk next to the file name.


If desired, the Save as type can be set to Surfer 11 Plot (*.srf), Surfer 12 Plot (*.srf), Surfer 13 Plot (*.srf), Surfer 14 Plot (*.srf), or Surfer 15 Plot (*.srf) if the file is to be shared with users using Surfer 11, Surfer 12, Surfer 13, Surfer 14, or Surfer 15. After selecting the format, click Yes in the dialog. Any Surfer 16 specific features are lost when saving to a previous Surfer version format.


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