Print - Worksheet

Click the File | Print command to print the contents of the worksheet to the active printer or to a . PRN file. To control the display of data on the printed page, refer the File | Page Setup command. While the worksheet is spooling, a dialog indicates that printing is progressing.


The File | Print command in the worksheet opens the Print dialog.


Use the Print dialog to specify the printing options.



The Printer section contains options to specify the printer.


Print Range

The Print range options control how the worksheet pages are printed.


Number of Copies

Specify the number of copies to print in the Number of copies box. If two or more copies of multiple page documents are printed, check the Collate box to separate the copies into packets. Note that some printers do not allow multiple copies.



Check the Collate box to collate the pages when multiple page documents are printed two or more times.


OK or Cancel

Click OK to start the print. Click Cancel to abort the print and return to the worksheet window.



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