BlankValue Property

BlankValue returns or sets the grid's NoData value. Returns a double.



object. BlankValue = Value








Golden Software's NoData value is 1.70141e+038. A node is considered to be null or assigned the NoData value if it is equal to this Value.

A grid file's internal NoData value specifies what Z value should be used to indicated a null or NoData node. All grid nodes with a Z value equal to the internal NoData value are considered empty. By default, the internal NoData value is set to 1.70141e+038. BlankValue replaces the internal NoData value with the specified value, so that all nodes equal to this value are now considered assigned NoData or null. Setting the BlankValue does not change the node values in the grid.

Example 1

This example demonstrates how to return the NoData value of a grid.

Debug .Print Grid.BlankValue

Example 2

This example demonstrates how to set 0 as the NoData value of a grid, so that all nodes in the grid with a Z value of 0 will be considered null or empty.

Grid.BlankValue = 0

Used by: Grid object