Automation Examples

In addition to the examples found in the Table of Contents Examples book within the Surfer Automation book, there are many more examples for your use.

  • The SCRIPTS folder in the Surfer directory contains sample [.BAS] files to use in Scripter. By default, the SCRIPTS folder is located at: C:\Program Files\Golden Software\Surfer\Samples\Scripts.

  • In addition, each object, method, and property contains an example in the Automation help. The methods and properties contain only a few lines for the example.

  • Click on the Used By link for an example on how to tunnel through the hierarchy to the method or property.

  • Some methods and properties contain a link showing a full example of the object.

  • Sample scripts are available for download at the Where Can I Find Surfer Script Examples article in the Surfer support Knowledge Base.

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