ScreenUpdating Property

ScreenUpdating returns or sets the redraw flag for all view windows. Returns a Boolean. If the Value of this property is 'True', then the screen is redrawn. If this value is set to 'False', the screen does not automatically update when a change is made. This can greatly increase the performance of the program when large files are being processed in automation.



object.ScreenUpdating = Update








Turning off screen updating can greatly increase the performance of Automation when you want to perform a number of actions that cause screen redraws. You can achieve this efficiency by setting ScreenUpdating to false, performing the repetitive operations, and then turning ScreenUpdating back on. When ScreenUpdating is turned back on, all windows will be redrawn in the new state.

Example 1

This example demonstrates how to return the automatic redraw status of all windows.

Debug.Print SurferApp.ScreenUpdating

Example 2

This example demonstrates how to automatically redraw every window in Surfer.

SurferApp.ScreenUpdating = True

Example 3

This script displays all the properties in the Application object.

Used by: Application object