The Pan command moves your location in the plot window, 3D view window, or grid node editor while retaining the current level of magnification. The 3D view can also be changed by adjusting the values in the Environment properties Camera page.

Enter Pan Mode

Click the View | Pan | Pan command or the button in the plot window, 3D View | View | Pan command in the 3D view, or use the mouse wheel in the grid editor to pan the current view.

To pan the current view:

  1. Click the Pan command.
  2. Click on a portion of the current view.
  3. Hold the left mouse button down while dragging the view to a new position.

Exit Pan Mode

Click on another toolbar button or press the ESC key to end pan mode.

Pan With A Wheel Mouse

You can use a wheel mouse to zoom realtime in the plot window, 3D view window, and grid editor. You can use a wheel mouse to pan in the plot window, grid node editor, and 3D view. Rotate the wheel forward to zoom in, or rotate the wheel backward to zoom out. Hold down the wheel button straight down, and the cursor will turn to a closed hand. When the cursor is a , drag the mouse to pan the plot window, grid node window, or 3D view. Be sure to click straight down with the scroll wheel. The zoom is changed so that the cursor location remains on the screen.

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