Amira Mesh .AM, .COL Export Automation Options

Since the Export Options dialog is not displayed when the program is driven from an automation script, an options string can be specified in the script. The string consists of comma-separated parameters, which specify the behavior of the various import options. A typical example would be:

"BlankMethod=BM_FIXED, FixedBlankValue=1.70141E+038"

This would indicate that the NoData value for a lattice or grid node is a custom value, and that value is equal to Surfer's NoData value.





Method for assigning values to blanked nodes:

BM_DATA_MIN = Minimum value of the lattice

BM_DATA_MAX = Maximum value of the lattice.

BM_TYPE_MIN = Minimum value of the inherent data type.

BM_TYPE_MAX = Maximum value of the inherent data type.

BM_FIXED = A user specified value



Used if BlankMethod is BM_FIXED


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