You can use the Home | Insert | Ellipse or Features | Insert | Ellipse command to create an ellipse or circle in the plot document.


To draw an ellipse:

  1. Click the Home | Insert | Ellipse command.

  2. The cursor changes to a cross hair to indicate drawing mode.

  3. Press and hold the left mouse button at one corner of the bounding box of the ellipse.

  4. Drag the mouse to the opposite corner of the ellipse. The size of the ellipse’s bounding box appears in the status bar as it is drawn. You can draw an ellipse out from the center rather than corner to corner by holding down the SHIFT key.

  5. Release the left mouse button when the ellipse is the preferred size and shape.

  6. Press the ESC key to end draw mode.

To draw a circle:

Drawing Tips


Ellipse Properties

Ellipse properties are edited in the Properties window. Click on the ellipse to select it. The ellipse properties contain the following pages:


Fill Page

The Fill page allows you to customize the ellipse Fill properties.


Line Page

The Line page allows you to customize the ellipse Line properties.


Info Page

The Info page for an ellipse displays the Coordinate System, Perimeter, and Area.



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