Points are markers that use symbols to indicate point positions. Any TrueType font can be used as a symbol, including several custom fonts provided with Surfer. You can use the Home | Insert | Point or Features | Insert | Point command to place symbols in the plot document.


The Symbol Set, Size, Fill color, Fill opacity, Line color, Line opacity, and Symbol can be customized in the Symbol Properties section of the Properties window.


To draw a point:

  1. Click the Home | Insert | Point command.

  2. The cursor changes to a cross hair cursor to indicate drawing mode.

  3. Click on a location in the plot window to create a point.

  4. Press the ESC key or click another tool button to end drawing mode.


Drawing Tips


Symbol Properties

Symbol properties are edited in the Properties window. Click on the symbol in the Contents window or plot window to select it. The properties automatically appear in the Properties window.


Symbol Page

The Symbol page allows you to edit the Symbol, Symbol Set, Size, Fill color, Fill opacity, Line color, and Line opacity for the symbol.


Info Page

The Info page for a symbol displays the Coordinate System and Position of the symbol.



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