Parent Property

Parent returns the parent object. Returns an object. This is a read-only property.




This example demonstrates how to return the parent object of the Axes collection.

Debug.Print Axes.Parent

Used by: Axes collection, BackColorRGBA property, ColorMap object, ColorNodes collection, ColorNode object, Document object, FillFormat object, FontFormat object, Grid object, GLFillFormat object, ForeColorRGBA object,GridMathInput object, LabelFormat object, LegendLayers collection, Level object, Levels collection, LineFormat object, MarkerFormat object, Overlays collection, PageSetup object, Profiles collection, Ruler object, ScaleBars collection, Selection collection, Shape object, Shapes collection, SymbologyClassedColorBins collection, SymbologyClassedSymbolsBins collection, SymbologyUniqueValues collection, VarioComponent object, Window object, Windows collection