Lock Position

To lock an object’s position, click on the object to select it. Click the Layout | Position | Lock command or right-click on the object and select Lock Position. When an object is locked it cannot be moved either through the Position group or by dragging it with the mouse. Objects that are locked can be resized, edited, and rotated.

Repeat the above instructions to unlock a locked object. Locked objects and layers are indicated in the Contents window with a small lock icon.

The lock icon indicates the Map object is locked in the example above.

Locked Map Layers

When a map layer is locked, only the objects in that layer cannot be moved. If the map or any portion of the map is selected and moved, the locked layer will also be moved. To prevent map layers from moving on the page, lock the Map object.

Locked Objects in a Base Layer

When objects in a base layer are individually locked, that object cannot be moved individually. To move the object, unlock the object and move the object to the desired position. The entire base layer and map object can be moved when a sub-object is locked. The sub-object stays in the same relative location as the objects in the base layer or map.

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