Rename Object

The Home | Selection | Rename command lets you assign a name to any type of object, including maps and map axes. After selecting a single object, click the Home | Selection | Rename command or the button to display the Rename Object dialog. Enter a new name in the Object ID box, click OK, and the name appears in the status bar when that object is selected. The name also appears in the Contents window list and in the Properties window.

Update the Object ID name in the Rename Object dialog.

Object IDs can also be edited through the Contents window. To edit the text ID associated with an object in theContentswindow,

  • Click the object and press F2. The Rename Object dialog opens.

  • Right-click on the object and select Rename Object. The Rename Object dialog opens.

  • Click the object and then click again on the selected item (two slow clicks). You must allow enough time between the two clicks so it is not interpreted as a double-click. Enter the new name into the box that appears.

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