Break Polyline at Intersections

The Features | Edit Polylines | Break at Intersections command breaks a selected polyline, spline polyline, or combination of polylines and spline polylines at every intersection with another object, such as polygons, polylines, spline polylines, rectangles, rounded rectangles, and ellipses. The original line properties are applied to the created polylines. Only the polylines or spline polylines to be broken at intersections need to be selected. After a polyline is broken, multiple polyline objects are created based on the boundary intersections with the original polyline. When a spline polyline is broken, the resulting lines are converted to polylines.

To break a polyline:

  1. Select only the polyline that should be broken at its intersections with other objects. It is not necessary to select the intersecting objects.
  2. Click the Features | Edit Polylines | Break at Intersections command or the button. Alternatively, right-click on the selected polyline, and click Break at Intersections in the context menu.

In this example, the polyline in the image on the left is broken into three polylines in the image on the right since the polyline crosses the polygon twice. The line color was changed to show the three created polylines.

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