Creating Level Files in the Worksheet

You can create simple level files in the Surfer worksheet or an ASCII editor. The minimum amount of information a level file contains is the elevation data telling Surfer which contour lines to place on a contour map. For more information on the level file format, see the level file format.

Creating Level Files from the Worksheet

  1. Enter level values into column A.

  2. Add any other information you wish to include for the levels (i.e. line color) according to the level file format.

  3. After entering the level information, click File | Save As.

  4. In the File name field, enter the level file name and .LVL extension enclosed in quotes ( "colors.lvl" ).

  5. Choose DAT Data (*.dat) from the Save as type field and click Save.

  6. In the Data Export Options dialog, choose Space as the Delimiter and Double Quote as the Text Qualifier. Choosing any other delimiter in the Data Export Options dialog results in an invalid level file since the file must be space delimited.

  7. Click OK to create the level file.

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