Contour Map

The Home | New Map | Contour command creates a contour map from a grid file. A contour map is a two-dimensional representation of three-dimensional data. The first two dimensions are the X and Y coordinates. The third dimension (Z) is represented by lines of equal value. The relative spacing of the contour lines indicate the relative slope of the surface. The area between two contour lines contains only grid nodes having Z values within the limits defined by the two enclosing contours. The difference between two contour lines is defined as the contour interval.

The Home | Add to Map | Layer | Contour , the button, or Map Tools | Add to Map | Layer | Contour command adds a contour map layer to the selected map.

This example contour map shows filled color contours and a color scale bar.

Creating a Contour Map

To create a new contour map:

  1. Click Home | New Map | Contour command.
  2. Select a grid file in the Open Grid dialog. Click Open.

The map is automatically created with reasonable defaults.

Editing an Existing Contour Map

To change the features of the contour map, click once on the contour map in the Contents window or plot window. When the contour map is selected, the contour map properties are displayed in the Properties window.

Click on the Contours map layer to select it.

Contour Layer Properties

The contour layer properties contains the following pages:




Coordinate System

Info (Grids)

Map Properties

The map properties contains the following pages:





Coordinate System

Info (Objects)

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