Iris Explorer .LAT File Description

Surfer imports and exports Iris Explorer .LAT files. IRIS Explorer is an Open Inventor based product. Open Inventor provides a de facto standard for 3D scene definition and was the basis of the VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) extension to HTML and the World Wide Web.

The IRIS Explorer Lattice data type is a generalized multi-dimensional array. It differs from arrays in other languages by being able to store both node-based values and coordinate information for each of the nodes. Being extremely flexible, it is the most commonly used data type in IRIS Explorer, used almost exclusively to store data and pass it between modules.

The Data part of a lattice can be multi-dimensional. If required, multiple data values can be stored at each node.

The Coordinate part of a lattice can have a varying number of dimensions, dependent on the number of dimensions that the data space occupies. There are three different types of coordinate information: uniform, perimeter, curvilinear.

Format supported for Import

3D uniform lattice

Format supported for Export

3D uniform lattice

Loading .LAT Files

Iris Explorer .LAT files can be loaded to create a grid based map (i.e. Home | New Map | Contour) with the Open Grid dialog, or when using the functions in the Grid menu.

Import Options Dialog

No import options dialog is displayed.

Import Automation Options

No import options are available.

Export Options Dialog

See Iris Explorer .LAT Export Options Dialog.

Export Automation Options

See Iris Explorer .LAT Export Automation Options.

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