Getting Started

Open Surfer by:

  • double-clicking the Surfer icon in the desktop, or
  • selecting Surfer in the Start menu, or
  • searching for Surfer in the Task Bar search field.

The Welcome to Surfer dialog is displayed each time you start Surfer. To prepare for the tutorial, click New Plot to create a new plot in the plot window. The plot window is the main component of the Surfer user interface.

If you opened Surfer before starting the tutorial, click File | New | Plot Document to open a new plot document if you don't already have an empty plot document.

Each plot document is a new Surfer project and is saved to its own SRF file. Multiple plot windows can be open at once. In Surfer, data is imported while creating new maps and features. In the next lesson we'll start with creating a map.

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