Click the Home | Insert | Text or Features | Insert | Text command to create text in the plot document. The typeface, size, style, alignment, opacity, and color can be set for individual characters in a text blocks.


Drawing Text

To create text:

  1. Click the Home | Insert | Text command.

  2. The cursor changes to a cross hair. Left-click in the plot window where you want text to appear.

  3. Enter text into the Text Editor dialog.

  4. Highlight the text to be changed and set the properties by clicking the appropriate button or option in the Text Editor dialog. The math text instructions are not used in this dialog.

  5. Click OK to return to the plot window.

  6. Press the ESC key or click another toolbar button to end draw mode.

The text appears inside a movable, sizable text box. Click on the box and drag it to move the box to the desired location.


Editing Text Properties

The text can be edited in the Text Editor. To edit existing text content, double-click on the text to open the Text Editor, or you can edit text content in the Properties window:

  1. Click on the text object in the plot window or the Contents window to select it.

  2. In the Properties window, the text and font properties can be edited.

  3. To change the font properties, click on the next to Font Properties. Set any font properties for all of the text in the text block.

  4. To change the text, click on the next to Text Properties. Click in the box next to Text to edit the text. For a single line of text, highlight the characters and type the desired text. Math text instructions can be added directly to the Text line in the Properties window.

  5. To include multiple lines of text or to edit individual characters in the text block, click the button. Edit the text in the Text Editor.

  6. When all changes have been made in the Text Editor, click OK to view the changes in the plot window.


Text Properties

The Font, Size, Color, Opacity, and Style can be set for text blocks in the Text Editor dialog when typing text. These options can be set in the Properties window in the Font Properties section after the text is drawn.


Default Properties

Set the default font properties with the File | Options command. In the Default Properties section, click on Font to set the default font and text properties.



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