Polyline to Points

The Features | Change Type | Change Type | Polyline to Points command converts a polyline or spline polyline into points. Each vertex in the polyline is converted to a point when the Polyline to Points command is used.


The new points use the polyline's color and opacity Line properties to set the Symbol Fill color, Fill opacity, Line color, and Line opacity properties. The remaining symbol properties are set by the default symbol properties.  If the object name has not been changed from the default Polyline, the resulting point objects are renamed Point. If the object name had been altered, the custom name is retained. The attributes from the polyline are also applied to the new points.


Note about Base Maps

If objects should be edited in a base map, click on the object in the Base layer to select it. Click the Features | Group | Start Editing command to enter editing mode. Then, click the Features | Change Type | Change Type | Polyline to Points command.  The polyline is changed to points. Click the Features | Group | Stop Editing to end object editing mode in the base map.



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