A polyline is a collection of one or more connected line segments. Click the Home | Insert | Polyline or Features | Insert | Polyline command to draw a polyline.


To draw a polyline:

  1. Click the Home | Insert | Polyline command to begin drawing a polyline.

  2. The cursor changes to a cross hair cursor to indicate drawing mode.

  3. Move the cursor over the location for the start of the polyline and click the left mouse button.

  4. Move the cursor to the next position along the line and click again.

  5. Continue this procedure until you click at the final point for the line. Press the ENTER key.

  6. To end drawing mode, click on another tool button or press the ESC key on your keyboard.


Drawing Tips


Polyline Properties

Polyline properties are edited in the Properties window. Click on the polyline in the Contents window or plot window to select it. The properties automatically appear in the Properties window.


Customize polyline properties in the Properties window.


Line Page

The Line page allows you to customize the polyline Style, Color, Opacity, Width, and End Styles. The Style, Color, Width, Opacity, and Sample are identical to the Line Properties. The End Styles section is unique to polyline properties.


End Styles

The ends of the lines can have arrowheads on them as defined in the End Styles section. The Start style is placed at the first vertex of the line. The End style is placed at the last vertex. The Scale determines the size of the arrowhead. The End Styles section is not present and/or active when editing some objects.


Info Page

The Info page for a polyline displays the Coordinate System, Number of vertices, and Length.



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