The Features | New Features | Triangulation command performs a Delaunay triangulation on the selected points. A Delaunay triangulation for a set of points is a triangulation such that no point is within any triangle.  The triangles can be polylines or polygons. None of the triangles are intersected by other triangles.


A triangulation diagram can be created from drawn point features or points within a base layer.


Triangulation creates triangles from selected points.


Creating a Triangulation Diagram

The following steps describe how to create a triangulation diagram:

  1. If you wish to create a triangulation diagram from points in a base layer, select the base layer and click Features | Group | Start Editing.

  2. Select three or more points from which to create the diagram.

  3. Click the Features | New Features | Triangulation command.

  4. Select the desired options in the Triangulation dialog.

  5. Click OK in the Triangulation dialog.


Triangulation Dialog

The Triangulation dialog is displayed after clicking the Features | New Features | Triangulation command.


Select the output feature type, output layer, and whether or not to keep the original points in the Triangulation dialog.


Output Feature Type

The triangulation diagram can consist of polygons or polylines. Select Polygon or Polyline in the Output feature type list.


Output Layer

The Output layer option specifies the layer where the triangulation polygons or polylines will be created when the selected points are in a base layer. The Output layer list includes the base layers in the map, as well as the option to create a the triangulation in a new base layer. Select [New Base Layer] to create the triangulation in a new layer. When a new base layer is created, the base layer is assigned the same coordinate system as the map frame. Select a base layer to add the triangulation to an existing layer. The Output layer option is not available when the selected points are not in a base layer.


Keep Original Objects

Select Keep original points to create the triangulation while leaving the original points unchanged. Clear the Keep original points check box to remove the points after the triangulation is created.



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