Map Wizard

Click the Home | Wizard | Map Wizard command or the button to create a map with the Map Wizard. The Map Wizard steps through the map creation process from raw data to a map with one or more layers. If necessary, data is gridded to create a grid-based map layers.

The Map Wizard consists of two or three pages, depending on the input data type. Click the following links for more information on each of the wizard pages.

  1. Select Your Data - Select the data, boundary, or grid file you wish to use to create your map.
  2. Select Your Map Type - Select one or more map layer types and decide to create a new map or place the new layers in an existing map.
  3. Select Gridding Parameters - Create a grid file if you selected a data file and a grid-based layer in the first two steps.

A map is created, or layers are added to a map, in the plot window after proceeding through the Map Wizard.

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