Tabbed Documents

The plot, 3D view, worksheet, and grid node editor windows are displayed as tabbed documents. When more than one window is open, tabs appear at the top of the screen, allowing you to click on a tab to switch to that window.


Selecting and Closing Windows

To select a tab to view, click the tab name. To close a tab, right-click and select Close or click the X next to the tab name. If unsaved changes are present in the document, you will be prompted to save the changes before the file is closed.


Change Order of Tabs

When viewing in tabbed document mode, the tabs may be dragged to reorder them. Left-click on a tab, hold the left mouse button, drag to a new location, and release the mouse button to move the tab to a new location.


To move to the next tab, you can use the Next command. Alternatively, press CTRL + F6 to move to the next tab.


The and buttons on the sides of the tabs are used to scroll the tabs should there be more tabs than can fit along the top of the window.


Unsaved Changes

When a document contains unsaved changes, an asterisk (*) appears next to its tabbed name. The asterisk disappears once the unsaved changes have been saved.


The Plot1 tab has unsaved changes, indicated by the (*) asterisk. The Sheet1 and Sheet2 tabs do not have unsaved changes.


Tab Style

The style of the tab can be changed in File | Options | User Interface. Select a new tab style from the MDI tab style list.


No Tabs

Tabs can be turned off in Options dialog User Interface page. Select None from the MDI tab style list.



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