Worksheet Document

Worksheet windows are a view of the data file and are designed to display, edit, enter, and save data. The worksheet windows have several useful and powerful editing, transformation, and statistical operations available. In addition, a coordinate system can be assigned to the data file. Several import and export options are available for opening data files from other spreadsheet programs. The components of the worksheet window are displayed below.


Worksheet Commands

The worksheet commands include commands on the following tabs:



Open and save files, import or export data, print, and set options and defaults


Contains clipboard and undo commands


Perform grid operations


Controls the display of status bar and windows and resets window positions


Edit, find, format data in the worksheet. Manipulate, transform, and perform calculations with worksheet data. Assign or project coordinates. Track the cursor between the plot, worksheet, and grid windows.


Not all of the File, Home, Grids, and View commands are available in the worksheet view.


The Application/Document Control menu commands control the size and position of the application window or the document window.


Tab View

The plot, worksheet, and grid node editor windows are displayed as tabbed documents. When more than one window is open, tabs appear at the top of the document, allowing you to click on a tab to switch to a different window. The tabs may be dragged to reorder them. When a document contains unsaved changes, an asterisk (*) appears next to its tabbed name. The asterisk is removed once the changes have been saved.


Worksheet Window

The image below displays the parts of the worksheet document. Click portions of the image to see more information about the worksheet window parts.


This is the Surfer worksheet document with the Contents and Properties windows in auto hide mode on  the left, and the plot document and worksheet tabs at the top of the worksheet.



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