Set Home

Click the 3D View | Home | Set Home command or the button to store the current camera rotation, zoom, and position to the home position. The new home position is stored for each 3D view individually. The home position is only saved while the plot window is open. The 3D view can be opened and closed, and the home position will be remembered. However, the home position is forgotten when the plot window is closed. The next time the plot is opened in the plot window and 3D view window, the Surfer default view position is used.

To set the home position,

  1. Use the Pan, Trackball, and zoom commands, or the Camera properties, to set the view to the desired rotation, zoom, and position.
  2. Click the 3D View | Home | Set Home command to save this position.

Only one home position may be saved at any time. Click the Set Home command to overwrite the previous home position.

The home position is not set by default. The Set Home command must be used before the Go to Home command can be used to change the camera position.

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