Golden Software Boundary .GSB Export Options Dialog

The Export Options dialog allows you to specify options which determine how information in the file is exported.


All ID attributes for polylines, polygons, and symbol objects are automatically exported to all .GSB files. For contour maps, the Z value is exported as the "ZLEVEL" attribute for all polylines in the contour map. The color, size, symbol shape, width, and other properties are not exported.

Select the GSB export options in the Export Options dialog.

Break Apart Compound Areas

Check the Break apart compound areas option to export compound areas as separate simple areas.

Export Format

  • Choose GSB version 3 or GSB version 4 if you require an export file that can be imported by certain older versions of Golden Software application software.

  • Otherwise, choose GSB version 5.


The Defaults button sets all controls to default conditions.

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