Golden Software Boundary .GSB File Description

The .GSB format is a proprietary Golden Software file format. There are several different versions of GSB files, so older Golden Software applications may not be able to read .GSB files exported from newer applications.

Golden Software Boundary files contain boundary objects including areas, curves and points. Primary and Secondary IDs are usually associated with each object. The objects have no attributes (such as color or line style) associated with them.


GS Boundary files are binary files (i.e., they can't be created or modified with a text editor or word processor) that are usually used as base maps. Information indicating the type of projection used (if any) is also stored in the file.


All ID attributes for polylines, polygons, and symbol objects are automatically exported to all .GSB files. For contour maps, the Z value is exported as the "ZLEVEL" attribute for all polylines in the contour map. The color, size, symbol shape, width, and other properties are not exported.

Loading GSB Files

Golden Software Boundary .GSB files can be imported with the Home | New Map | Base command.

Import Options Dialog

No import options dialog is displayed.

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