Click the Home | Clipboard | Paste command or the button, or press CTRL+V on the keyboard to paste the clipboard contents into the current document. The objects to be pasted must first be placed in the clipboard using the Cut or Copy commands of Surfer or some other application. The clipboard contents remain on the clipboard until something new is cut or copied to the clipboard.


In the worksheet, the upper left corner of the pasted data is placed in the active cell. Any cells in the existing worksheet that lie to the right of and below the active cell will be overwritten with the contents of the pasted data. The following rules are used to paste into the worksheet:

  • Only the TAB character is recognized as a column separator. Spaces, commas, semi-colons, etc. are included in a text cell.

  • The RETURN character is recognized as the row separator.

  • Numbers paste as number values. The period can always be used as a decimal separator, and the system locale determines any other decimal separator. For example if the system locale uses a comma as the decimal separator, then both 123.456 and 123,456 are pasted as the number 123,456.

  • Mixed text and numbers paste as text.

  • Dates and/or times will paste as date values in a wide variety of date/time formats. Ambiguous dates are determined by the system locale setting. If dates are not pasted correctly, consider using Paste Special and the Locale settings in the Data Import Options dialog.

Pasting a single cell's contents across multiple cells

A single cell's contents can be pasted into multiple cells by coping the cell, selecting a block of cells, and using the Paste command. Each cell in the selection is populated with the clipboard contents when this operation is performed. If more than one cell is copied, then the copied cells are only pasted once.

The multiple paste operation will not be performed for an entire row, entire column, or across multiple selections. When an entire row or column is selected, only the first cell in the row or column will receive the pasted content. If you attempt to paste in multiple selections an error message will be displayed.


In the plot window, the clipboard contents are pasted in the center of the window. The pasted contents are automatically selected, and can be dragged to a new location. Alternatively, change the position or size of the selected object with the Position/Size group.

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