Edit Contour Labels

Contour labels can be interactively moved, added, and deleted. To enter contour label edit mode, select a contour map by clicking on it in the plot window or by clicking on it in the Contents window. Next, click the Map Tools | Edit Layer | Contour Labels command or the button. Alternatively, right-click on the selected map and select Edit Contour Labels. Each contour label is displayed with a rectangular outline.

Move Individual Contour Label

To move a label, select it with the mouse or keyboard and drag it to a new location. To drag with the mouse, hold down the left mouse button and move the cursor to a new location. To drag with the keyboard, position the cursor on top of the label, hold down the SPACEBAR, and press the ARROW keys.

Cancel and Undo Label Movement

To cancel label movement and to return the label to its original position, press the ESC key before releasing the left mouse button or SPACEBAR.

Use the Undo command to undo a label move, label deletion, or label insert.

Add a Contour Label

To insert a contour label, hold down the CTRL key and left-click with the mouse on a contour line. A label is not added if the contour is too small or too curved for a label to fit.

Delete a Contour Label

To delete a label, click once on the label and press the DELETE key.

Move Around the Plot Window in Edit mode

If you are zoomed in on the contours, use the scroll bars to move to off window locations. Alternatively, click and hold the scroll button of a wheel mouse to pan the plot window.

Exit the Edit mode

To leave contour label edit mode, press the ESC key or click the Map Tools | Edit Layer | Contour Labels command again.

Reset Contour Labels to Default Positions

If you make any changes to the contour map, changes to the contour labels are deleted. Surfer displays a warning message that the custom labels will be lost in this case.

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