Base Map from Server

Click the Home | New Map | Base | Base from Server command or the button, the Home | Add to Map | Layer | Base from Servercommand, or the Map Tools | Add to Map | Layer | Base from Server command to download a base map from an online web server. Clicking one of the preceding commands opens the Download Online Maps dialog. Use the Download Online Maps dialog to select the server, map extents, and image resolution.

When using the Download Online Maps dialog, a server with appropriate data must be selected. Surfer currently supports four types of servers, web mapping service (WMS), Open Street Map (OSM), web coverage service (WCS), and web feature service (WFS). WMS, OSM, WCS, and WFS servers provide different types data.

  • When selecting a WMS or OSM server, an image is downloaded to be used as a base (raster) layer.
  • When selecting a WCS server, data values are downloaded to be used as a grid file. WCS servers cannot be used with the Base from Server command. Use the Grid from Server command or the Download button in the Open Grid dialog instead.
  • When selecting a WFS server, vector data is downloaded with points, polylines, and/or polygons representing features in a base (vector) layer.

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