Empty Base Map

The Home | New Map | Base | Empty Basemap command or the button create an empty base map. An empty base map is often created with the intention of creating new geometry within the base map limits. The Home | Add to Map | Layer | Empty Basemap command adds an empty base map layer to an existing map. When an empty base layer is added to an existing map, the base layer is created with the same coordinate system as the map frame.

Base Map Limits Dialog

The Home | New Map | Base | Empty Basemap command opens the Base Map Limits dialog.

Use the Base Map Limits dialog to specify Minimum and Maximum values.

Minimum and Maximum X and Y

Enter the limits of the new empty base map in the Minimum and Maximum boxes for the X and Y coordinates. This specifies the initial limits of the new base map, but may be overridden on the map Limits page later if needed.

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