Z-MAP Plus Grid .GRD File Description

Surfer imports and exports Z-Map Plus ASCII grid files. This import filter only supports the GRID type of the Z-Map Plus formats.

File Description

Z-Map Plus grid files are used by Geographix applications such as IsoMap to store gridded elevation data.

The format has several file extensions: .ASC, .DAT, .GRD, .XYZ, .ZMAP, .ZYC, .ZYCOR

The data are written a column at a time from the left side to the right side of the grid.

Loading Z-Map Plus Files

Z-Map Plus .ASC, .DAT, .GRD, .XYZ, .ZMAP, .ZYC, .ZYCOR files can be loaded to create a grid based map (e.g. Home | New Map | Contour) with the Open Grid dialog, or when using the functions in the Grid menu.

Export Options Dialog

When the input grid is georeferenced, see Spatial References.

Export Automation Options

No export options are available.

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