Setting Hachures on a Frequency Basis

The Affected Levels settings are used to modify the contour levels on a frequency basis. These settings can be found by clicking the Hach button on the Levels page in the contour map properties dialog. The First, Set, and Skip fields allow you to specify which contour levels are modified.

  • The First field indicates the first contour level affected by the change. The number refers to the contour level position in the list (starting with one) and not the actual contour value.

  • The Set field indicates the number of levels to apply the changes to.

  • The Skip field indicates the number of contour levels to skip when assigning the specified properties.

To use Affected Levels with hachures:

  1. To display hachures on a contour map:

  2. Click on the contour map to select it.

  3. In the Properties window, click on the Levels tab.

  4. Set the Level method to Advanced.

  5. Click the Edit Levels button next to Contour levels.

  6. Click the Hach button to open the Hachures dialog.

  7. Set the First contour level affected by the setting, the Set number indicating the number of levels to set with the specified properties, and the Skip number indicating the number of levels to skip assigning the specified properties.

  8. Click OK.

  9. Click OK in the dialog to make the changes on the map.

Hachures can only have one set of Affected Levels. If the Affected Levels are set a second time, they override the changes made by the first.


As an example, consider a map displaying contour lines every ten feet from 50 to 100. Within the Hachures dialog, if you specify 1 (corresponding to the first contour line in the levels list) as the First hachured contour line, and a Skip value of one, then hachures appear on the contour lines at 50, 70, and 90 (every second contour line on the map).

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