Moving Average

The Moving Average gridding method assigns values to grid nodes by averaging the data within the grid node's search ellipse.

Moving Average Tips

  • The moving average gridding method can incorporate breakline data.

  • The moving average gridding method is not recommended for generating maps from small and moderate-sized data sets. It is, however, a useful tool for characterizing and investigating large and very large spatial data sets.

Moving Average Options Dialog

In the Grid Data dialog, specify Moving Average as the Gridding Method and click the Next button to open the Grid Data Moving Average Options dialog.

Set the NoData options and the search ellipse in the Grid Data Moving Average Options dialog.

Minimum Number of Data

The Minimum number of data (node is set to NoData if fewer) value sets the specified number of points when interpolating a grid node. If the minimum number of points is not found, the NoData value is assigned to the grid node.

Search Neighborhood

Specify search rules. For more information about search rules, see Search.


The Breaklines section is used to add breaklines to the gridding process. Faults are not supported with Moving Average.

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