Specifying the Lines to Draw on a Wireframe

Any combination of X, Y, and Z lines can be displayed on wireframe maps. When using X and Y lines to represent the surface, a mesh appears on top of the surface. When using the Z lines, an elevated contour map is drawn.

To specify which lines to draw on the 3D wireframe:

  1. Click once on the wireframe map to select it.
  2. In the Properties window, click on the General tab.
  3. In the Plot Lines of Constant section, check the appropriate boxes to display any combination of X, Y, and Z lines on the wireframe.
  4. When displaying the Z lines on a wireframe, use the options on the Z Levels page to control which levels of Z lines to display. Specify the Z contour levels and the line properties for the individual Z lines on this page. The selected levels affect the Z contours on the wireframe and do not display contour labels or hachures.
  5. Note: To display contour labels or hachures on a wireframe, add a contour map layer. Select the wireframe map and use the Home | Add to Map | Layer | Contour.
  6. Set any other desired options on the General page.
  7. The wireframe is displayed with the line types you have chosen.

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