Wireframe Base

A 3D wireframe base is the area below the wireframe. The bottom of the base can extend to any Z level. The sides of the base can be highlighted with vertical lines that are extensions of the X and Y lines.

To change the base parameters:

  1. Click on the wireframe map to select it.
  2. In the Properties window, click on the General tab.
  3. Check the Show base box to display the base lines.
  4. To display vertical base lines, check the Show vertical lines box. Vertical lines are drawn on the face between the base and the surface border. The vertical lines represent the X and Y grid lines extended from the border of the surface to the base.
  5. To specify base height, enter the value into the Elevation box. The value is in Z data units. The smaller the number entered in the Elevation box, the farther the base begins from the bottom of the wireframe surface, creating a thicker base.
  6. Specify the line properties for the base in the Line Properties section.
  7. The wireframe is drawn with the specified base parameters.

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