Stack Maps

The Map Tools | Map Tools | Stack Maps command aligns individual maps horizontally so that their coordinates align on the page. The Stack Maps command was designed to stack maps using similar coordinates on each map. This command is useful for keeping two or more maps separated on the page. The vertical position of individual maps on the page is not changed by this command.

When using Map Tools | Map Tools | Stack Maps the same View should be used for each map. This ensures that points on the stacked maps are aligned properly. The View parameters are applied to all selected maps. Stacking maps with perspective projections can be problematic since the Z axis is not vertical on the page. It is better to use the orthographic projection when stacking maps with different Z ranges.

The relative vertical placement of maps on the page defines how far apart the maps are after they are stacked. Before using the Stack Maps command, position the maps in the approximate location on the page where you want each map to be drawn. The Stack Maps command only moves maps horizontally on the page, not up or down.

The Stacked Maps.SRF sample file displays a contour map stacked on a 3D surface map.

Stacking a Contour Map over a 3D Surface Map

You can produce a plot of a contour map over a 3D surface map using Map Tools | Map Tools | Stack Maps. Usually a contour map is stacked over a 3D surface of the same grid file, but you can also stack different grid files one over another. If different grid files are used for stacking, the X and Y coordinates for both the grid files should be similar.

To stack a contour map over a 3D surface map:

  1. Create a 3D surface and a contour map with the Home | New Map command.
  2. Select both maps with the Home | Selection | Select All command.
  3. With both maps selected, the map properties appears in the Properties window.
  4. Click the View tab.
  5. Set Projection to Orthographic.
  6. Set the Rotation (degrees) and Tilt (degrees) to the desired values by dragging the . As you drag the slider next to the Rotation (degrees) and Tilt (degrees) commands, the maps automatically update.
  7. Position the surface and contour maps vertically on the page where you want them to appear. For example, you might move the surface to the bottom half of the page, and move the contour map to the top half of the page.
  8. Select both the surface and the contour map with the Home | Selection | Select All command and click the Map Tools | Map Tools | Stack Maps command or the button. The X and Y coordinates of the two maps are aligned horizontally on the page.
  9. To show vertical lines connecting the maps, use Home | Insert | Polyline to draw the lines at the corners of the map.

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